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Rejected by a Swine Lover found on Flickr

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Rejected by a Swine Lover
Image by MightyBoyBrian
I thought it would be hilarious to post a continuation of yesterday’s picture. I had taken so many shots (ok, more like 16) of these frogs (there were two separate frogs, I admit) that I thought it would be a shame not to post one more.

Now that I’m on 2nd shift I find it strange to have my free time prior to work. I want to keep it that way so that I may preserve my sleep schedule as close to that of a normal person as possible. Anyway, here I am hangin’ out, posting shots on the flickerverse.

Image by PJMixer
I thought these feathers friends were hilarious. It looked like the one on the right was female and the one on the left male, but that’s only because the way she was going after him ! She wouldn’t leave the poor guy alone – don’t know if it was aggressive mating or she was giving him a good telling off. He kept trying to avoid her, pacing back and forth and almost fell backwards a few times as she continued to chase and peck he neck ! I could imagine the voices of a an old married couple – "I told you a thousand times, don’t got out partying with those idiot friend of yours", "ok, darling, it won’t happen again".

Bandera Chafa
Image by oso
This was hilarious. Just a couple weeks after all the colors started melting together during some heavy rains, now the new flag ripped in half. Everyone was so pissed … you woulda thought the president was murdered.

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