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10 Amazing Practical Jokes

Posted on 24 October 2013 by Funny Picture Daily

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After showing the wife the new gun he decides to play a dangerous prank on her while she examines it more closely. Really really funny practical joke. If lau…

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  1. MADCROK2000 Says:


  2. michael lavrell Says:

    like u

  3. Jimmy "The Lion" Says:


  4. Akio Machmud Says:


  5. cazador64 Says:

    Rename the Video to best ways to get knocked the fuck out

  6. MrEnlightable Says:

    good example of how to annoy others.

  7. Kurai Oitachi Says:

    I would take the Vsauce class.

  8. Messichaz10 Says:

    How the hell

  9. Mikael8882 Says:

    Everyone i know.

  10. Angela Houh Says:

    my bro has wallpaper in his room, and i would do that trick, but there are already alot of tares in it. lol

  11. Random Video Productions Says:

    i cant afford two layer toilet paper 

  12. Ben Smith Says:

    Ive tried the ketchup one before i even watched this! Except i used mustard instead!!! Lololol

  13. Sophie Grace Says:

    Cool mousemat!!

  14. sonicjrjr14 Says:

    I know, right?
    I would’ve used hot sauce >:)

  15. missgoldheart Says:

    I’m so trying these.

  16. Naif alsolami Says:

    dickhead are around

  17. dawgtagz317 Says:

    Motherfucker, it’s like you’re stalking me. Get the fuck off the internet already, fuck!

  18. dawgtagz317 Says:

    Mhmm, as do I.

  19. Kyle Footer Says:

    One of these was semi okay.. the rest.. i will never think about again in my life. thanks

  20. Naomi Roebuck Says:

    Make fake poop prank

  21. William Brown Says:

    I, personally, have lived in a lot of houses throughout my youth, and I’ve seen about 4 out of 17 houses have wallpaper.

  22. Linda DeNoia Says:


  23. kagure93 Says:


  24. GamesAdys Says:

    Me too :D

  25. ducnguyen1994 Says:

    if only Quirkology is a class in college, then I would definitely take it

  26. eyetalllies Says:

    WATCH OUT !!!

    Keyboard warrior fueled up on haterade

  27. Vito Strat Says:

    Who gives a shit really. It’s the internet. If the OP really cared he’d put a watermark on it.

  28. victor de nobrega Says:

    sigue jugando con armas

  29. Josh Michael Says:

    Report this video, this isn’t the uploader’s fucking video. Go upload your own shit bitch.

  30. auntd1246 Says:

    Lol so funny

  31. fsxexpert2014 Says:

    best prank evar!!

  32. fsxexpert2014 Says:

    240p here we meet again <:(

  33. SapHead Pictures Says:

    hey! check out “PRANKS with PORN STARS” on my channel

  34. Chuck Norris Says:

    But wouldn’t she be happy

  35. Gregory Cunningham Says:

    He should have made her turn around an then set them off so she thought she shot him!

  36. Chicharito VKS Says:

    this man soon got killed by his wife with that particular gun .. haha

  37. Wesleigh123 Says:

    She made a third.


    No.. she just cudn get it out of her head so she made a fake profile and disliked it again :P I’m guessing :P

  39. AnonymousKiller650 Says:

    im guessing he has two wives

  40. TheQGN Says:

    very funny :D

  41. ExtremelyModerate Says:

    Wow, that’s a really high horse you’re on. It’s almost like you’re stuck up there.

    I think guns are great and can be hilarious, after all, they’re used to save billions of lives.

  42. Will Rothrock Says:


  43. aysen1001 Says:

    i only watched it twice. i think you’re over doing it there.

  44. concon2001 Says:


  45. concon2001 Says:


  46. Leonardo Lopez Says:

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  47. MrGambaman Says:


  48. Igor Tarabik Says:

    Wow! .I did -45 lbs last 7 days.More here


    It was his wife who disliked the video :D

  50. xBESTBRIDDERx Says:


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