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Best Funny Animal Videos Compilation 2013 [HD]

Posted on 24 October 2013 by Funny Picture Daily

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  1. Lily Winter Says:

    0:56 was cruel

  2. Lisa Ogun Says:

    I reckon only the wet cat at the begining. Everything else was a chuckle or a laugh-out-loud.

  3. Lisa Ogun Says:

    Still got tears in my eyes from laughing at some of these.

  4. shane ruttner Says:

    Shake that but for me shake that but for me

  5. 1azjacki Says:


  6. Curtis Ellem Says:

    funny as

  7. CompilationzUltimate Says:

    nice stuff!

  8. Theopisti Lu Says:

    follow the leader waS the best hahahaha that crackep me up

  9. Sadie Delaney Says:


  10. Sadie Delaney Says:

    Spirit :-)

  11. Obsidian182 Says:

    There’s always at least one idiot on every animal video that claims animal cruelty…

  12. cb m Says:

    hahah, , cute sng kuring, , ,

  13. rvmvadati Says:

    The cat at the end was related to Wall-E!

  14. Onesie Sisters Says:

    I feel really sorry for the cat at the start… : (

  15. Yelle Maca Says:


  16. Kim Seiber Says:

    Lol! That vid is sooooo funny

  17. moussa zm Says:

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  18. beno games Says:

    i hate my life

  19. Bob Chuckles Says:


  20. Brian Cruz Says:

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  21. tranghoang550 Says:

    Fuck you

  22. jaiden Rivera Says:

    1:40 lol so funnu

  23. Jack Lloyd Says:

    1:05 is sick

  24. mosrathjahan Says:

    U raetard

  25. shane ruttner Says:

    Frog screaming

  26. anja killimanjaroo Says:

    cat and dog??

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  30. TheKickFilms Says:

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  31. hastablogs Says:

    oalah yu yu gk due klambi to

  32. chirey Says:

    whats the song when the guy is train surfing

  33. OneInABajillion Says:

    What was the song playing in the second to last video?

  34. desicinemaa Says:

    very good video….
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  35. devastator941 Says:

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    I came here for boobs
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  37. Ethan Smith Says:

    most of these arent even fails

  38. Ian Dyer Says:

    10:03 :0

  39. Hugo Zavala Says:

    Es dirtyhhgg

  40. Rocio Tejeda Says:

    Not funny

  41. Andres Florez Says:

    Jajjajaaj buenisimo

  42. ufajlok1 Says:


    epic boobs xd

  43. MrJoggl Says:

    04:48 :D best

  44. Dan Lincu Says:

    car in russia very funny

  45. 6arig Says:

    That’s a fucking entertaining video.

  46. vipin khandelwal Says:

    frm india

  47. vipin khandelwal Says:

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  48. Nit Wit Says:


  49. Joakim Goldman Says:

    Thank you!

  50. Yoshihara23 Says:

    What’s the song at 06:11 ??

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