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  1. mohd hafiz Says:

    Hahaha awesome

  2. PublicMenace22 Says:

    how materialistic we’ve become as a society…it is sad

  3. Shagohodcoldwar Says:

    Don’t buy a $600 phone.You don’t need it,you can make phone calls also with a 50$ phone.

  4. ixrewr Says:

    like this one t-dogg

  5. Nick Baslandze Says:

    1:84 I would know the bitch out.

  6. Blake Shamp Says:

    If they’re so worried about it they should pay the extra, what, $7 a month for phone insurance? Problem solved.

  7. NICKownsHALO27 Says:

    what are you talking about you asshat? hmm their phone that is most likely insured and they act like a little piece of them just died. yes it is sad.

  8. Uriel Sandoval Says:

    I never thought I would say this but I think k some people might kill you for dropping there phone.

  9. Khanh Nguyen Says:

    Most of them are douchebag ! I would feel fucking sad but I’m not going to curse the fuck out of that guy !

  10. dominic savio Says:

    “My dearly beloved daughter, the most unholy trinity, consisting of My three enemies, the false prophet, the antichrist and the dragon, that is Satan, will rise now in defiance against the Most Holy Trinity. Know that they have many thousands and thousands of devout disciples and as the time draws near, many secret and vile ceremonies will take place to honour the serpent…
    Your Jesus ”
    Please Kindly see thewarningsecondcoming dotcom

  11. September Bade Says:

    The fact you assume everyone who says that is a homophobe is stupid. As someone who likes the d and v myself, I can honestly say that you are gaaay!

  12. September Bade Says:

    If you’re stupid enough to spend $600 on a phone, you deserve it.

  13. a hanif Says:

    The girl at 1:17 is so hot

  14. Charles Benjamin Says:

    I felt like the last one was fake.

  15. Ronald McFussTwit Says:

    What’s sad is the fact you would spend $600 on a phone to begin with.

  16. iFlipstah Says:

    This looks so fake..

  17. JoeyChildish Says:

    what would’ve been hilarious is after he drops the fake phone and shows the real phone, he says “nah I’m just kidding this is my phone. I didn’t really lose mine.” and then say he’s joking haha

  18. bluefavorites Says:


  19. Tim Petriccione Says:

    Can that last guys shorts get any damn shorter?!? Gaaaay!!

  20. 1kamp1 Says:

    man i would cry hahaha

  21. 1kamp1 Says:

    his laugh HAHAHA

  22. Zeratool Says:

    people are so violent LOL

  23. Thomas de Jager Says:

    Great prank but what an annoying laugh!

  24. Lukytazcuervo Says:


  25. DDonlon69 Says:

    yeah this doesn’t look too real. some of the reactions looked staged. just sayin’.

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