Gold Digger Prank!

Posted on 27 October 2013 by Funny Picture Daily

Gold Digger Prank! So I went out to film how to pick up girls…but Roman,Dennis and I decided to do a little twist..the video speaks for it self check it icon smile Gold Digger Prank! Funny Picture Thanks To RomaAtWood And Dennis…

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  1. Carlos Lamarche Says:

    i swear vitaly you BETTER make more of these!

  2. IsExtinct Says:


  3. Razvan Garboveanu Says:


  4. INSANITY Says:

    25 million hits? this guy will get picked up by the networks.

  5. gnouveli Says:

    and dude, his so close to 3 MILLION SUBCRIBERS!!

  6. FortressParadox Says:

    it was vined like 2000 times

  7. solangel Says:

    the best prank ever hahaaha.. by the way guys did you watch the nicki minaj sex tape published by worldstar goo.glp5VhWE

  8. roman klemiato Says:

    How the f*** this video got so much views?

  9. Vendy Taylor Says:

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  11. gnouveli Says:

    7410 Gold Diggers

  12. Xcalibursounds Says:

    even if Vitaly was 300 pounds, she would have still been interested once the slut noticed the car. Americanized whores are brainwashed by Miley and friends.

  13. Jaska Jaskanen Says:

    Best prank ever!

  14. ghostrid3 Says:

    haha good one, wasnt expecting that

  15. darthkostas Says:

    see more page on facebook……

  16. Lamar Davis Says:

    dude, his so close to 3 MILLION SUBCRIBERS!!

  17. Luis Rivero Says:

    can you shut the fuck up already at least he got pussy unlike you, all you do all day is sit in a fucking computer chair all day jacking off to porn and going on youtube pointing it out you no life prick.

  18. Dan Visan Says:

    make more lambo gold diggers pranks vitalyz! you rock

  19. TheCoyW Says:

    7,406 Gold diggers. Stay vigilant fellas.

  20. Abdo Zwein Says:


  21. Wesley Abrams Says:

    that its not fake.

  22. WabeWalker100 Says:

    Every woman in the world…

  23. timers89 Says:

    Awesome :D

    Look at this bitch

  24. Vendela Taylor Says:

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  25. Vendy Taylor Says:

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