“No. No! NO!!!” – The Greatest Scare Prank

Posted on 24 October 2013 by Funny Picture Daily

See Matt’s revenge prank (it’s better)…http://youtu.be/pDUH1Pjl5Sk “Fear the pillow.” Notes on footage: I laughed so incredibly hard. I was trying to go fo…
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  1. gogiants123 Says:

    lol. i love how his reaction was NO!

  2. Rachel Velasquez Says:

    Im crying!!! Flipping funny!

  3. Max Damsell Says:

    Looks like he needed that running practice….

  4. nicksmi56 Says:

    LMFAO! No, NO, NO!!!

  5. 2812darcy Says:

    Lmfao !!!

  6. SummerHipHop73 Says:

    lol damn hes fast

  7. Harry Dick Says:

    The power of NO!

  8. oneil boby Says:

    Why the pillow

  9. DangerZone Says:

    i literally was laughing and choked LOL!!!

  10. J Miller Says:

    Lmfao!!! No, no, NO dying of laughter!!!

  11. Marie-Christine Callan Says:

    The best prank shit ever!!!! xD

  12. coolmoonjayden Says:

    *pokemon fight start music*
    wild BEAUCH IN COSTUME appeared!
    go NAKED MAN!
    NAKED MAN used pillow throw!
    it was inaffective!
    BEAUCH IN COSTUME used leer!
    NAKED MAN’s defense was lowered!
    NAKED MAN ran away!
    BEAUCH IN COSTUME is evolving!
    BEAUCH IN COSTUME has evolved into BEAUCH!

  13. Nivya Prakruti Says:

    The guy who is talking he’s cute! :P

  14. evelsteev Says:

    He seemed more mad at the end, than when he saw the “Scream” guy. LOL!

  15. Zaraki Kenpachi Says:

    *Scary Guy Spawns* -Pillow Attack Fails- *Matt Left The Game*

  16. Jazzmarie0827 Says:

    I’m dead

  17. Naru hina Says:

    He’s likes to escape through the window! LMFAO

  18. pdcarter4598 Says:

    a pillow? really?!

  19. Sophie Lampkin Says:


  20. jacky79322 Says:

    lol go away!!! -.- runs out…….

  21. HICHAM JAPAN Says:

    no no no mam haw haw miyawe miyawe no no no

  22. vBlessMyFall Says:

    i love how he throws a pillow for defense

  23. PacMonster146 Says:

    Lol he has to shower again since he ran outside.

  24. Robin Guzman Says:


  25. fannygarcia54 Says:

    i was laughing so hard , if he lost the towel and running down the street i would be out of breath from laughing.

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