The funniest, best, and sickest practical joke ever!

Posted on 24 October 2013 by Funny Picture Daily

Me and my floor mates decided to play a practical joke on Brian’s (my floor mate) roommate, JJ. We did this because JJ was “chiefing” in the room and Brian k…

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  1. Ro Raval Says:

    I hope someone wastes your lives on day. Dick heads.

  2. Ashton Cofer Says:

    I dont get it

  3. ZombieRoxas Says:

    Did you eat brain tumour for breakfast?

  4. kingofpop pop Says:

    i don’t get it

  5. typheran1 Says:

    I want those 2 minutes back. 

  6. kristoffer osmundsen Says:

    He smoked marijuana in the room, and hates police…

  7. Joshua Liao Says:

    read the info

  8. Mat Zouki Says:

    I don’t get it

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