Third Story Fall Prank

Posted on 26 October 2013 by Funny Picture Daily

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  1. BlablaShowen Says:

    The so called host is like: OMG! Someone’s dying here.
    And then the camera crew just tags along and is smiling like:

  2. Brandon Keating Says:


  3. susan mwai Says:

    His face at 1:59, Lmao :D

  4. Windsrave3 Says:

    dont smile cameraman

  5. Aaron Smith Says:

    Well, that’s a first in this decade for me. Someone not knowing what LMAO means. I mean, its possible but, out of curiosity & I am not trying to be rude or anything like that, but I have to ask if you only started using the internet recently?

    I’m just curious because I would be surprised how anyone who communicates with others on the internet would not know that one in 2013. Again, not attacking, just curious.

  6. cooney1998 Says:

    Nice video

  7. Dion jongeleen Says:

    laughing my ass off

  8. Yeti PlaysMC Says:

    what does LMAO means?

  9. Mario Angelo Florentino Says:

    The cameramen are smiling lol

  10. SZeroS1 Says:

    that camera dude was smiling the whole time -.-

  11. OmegaBlaze229 Says:

    #1 & #3 can get the peen.

    That is all.

  12. alex amaro Says:

    i feel bad for the people who wanted to call 911 but this SHIT was hilarious…for the most part

  13. pop3g Says:

    Not funny -_-

  14. Shotgunrain AP Says:


  15. FreakyProduct Says:

    2:14 best part X)

  16. The BunBoy Says:

    Hah the cameraman can`t hide his smile :D

  17. tartersauce557 Says:

    18, 376th comment!!

  18. Kifaya Crown Says:

    You have the most awesomest pranks keep it up dude dope freshness

  19. patricia Procopio Says:

    18,375th comment :D

  20. JC Aguilar Says:

    1st Babydoll does a Michael Jackson move.

  21. Spoonbacon Says:

    If you listened at the beginning, he’s going to create a replica of that same scene..

  22. oldskoolman241 Says:


  23. Joshua_Duff Says:

    would have been even funnier if he got up after falling and said “IT DIDN’T WORK!”

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