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Top 10 Pranks of 2012 || FailArmy

Posted on 24 October 2013 by Funny Picture Daily

default Top 10 Pranks of 2012 || FailArmy Funny Picture

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  2. Orholam Says:

    haha seeing them pull their damn baggy pants up and running in socks and sandals is so funny….you deserve to trip and fall and be eaten by zombies

  3. lofashej Says:

    very very very stupid jokes…

  4. GsBBoyDan Says:

    13:45 Alfred Pennyworth is that you?

  5. GsBBoyDan Says:


  6. GsBBoyDan Says:


  7. Nerdawon Says:

    I loved all of them but when he passed out and that guy was just saying hello it was funny

  8. Party Maker Says:

    Wtf, y was the zombie one only on black people.?!??! RACIST

  9. sk8meup9 Says:

    The dude acting like a zombie surprised he wasn’t shot.

  10. DanJoeTheGreat Says:

    now i thought you were gonna catch that..

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  13. Parker Gilbert Says:

    My favorites were the ones were the guys got shocked from the jumpers

  14. Marky Mark Says:

    So is your spelling.

  15. Aidan Halloran Says:

    at 1:26 the kid climbs the fence

  16. ScienceKittyGirl Mew Says:

    I love the laptop one! XD

  17. Yesbel Solis Says:

    I hade it your videos are stupid

  18. ualsdu7777 Says:

    A lot of these are funny when you’re watching, but I feel bad for the victims on some of them.

  19. Denise Seminoff Says:

    Wow XD

  20. James Wilkos Says:

    Go subscribe, I was dying of laughter

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  24. kapselands Says:

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