Top Ten Pranks

Posted on 24 October 2013 by Funny Picture Daily

From Water Dunks to Flour Pours, Scares, Slaps, Sexy Girls, and Sax Man Serenades, 2011 was another great year for Pranks. Here’s some of our favorites! Wate…
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  1. Jimmy Hilligoss Says:

    the last guys are baked out of their minds

  2. Liantsoa RAKOTONDRATSIMA Says:

    I looove 9

  3. ScanaRch Says:

    omg, he broke the tv and they thought that this is end of their world

  4. xHorizon31x Says:

    That elmo voice had me dying

  5. silvergirl145 Says:

    That woman at the in the Drive-Thru tried so hard not laugh!

  6. Justin J Says:

    That disturbing event when your close friend (who’s been a loser for a long time) gets an amazing woman to fall in love with him in like 3 weeks?! Shit, that just happened. I understand I should be happy having said that I would prefer if it was me. He stated he learned from the Cupid Love System (Search for it in Google). I wanna hide inside of a cave at the moment…

  7. bsbiggy Says:

    ic like one prank out of these, you lost a potential subscriber….

  8. laudo7 Says:

    13 003 940 Podoba mi się 38 743 Nie podoba mi się 3 351 

  9. travis G.M.S Says:

    wow someones missing a sense of humor

  10. Miguel M Says:

    LOL wait wait wait… :53 – :54 look at the mag wtf is she looking at!? xD

  11. Matt Weston Says:

    that elmo thing isnt even funny

  12. boomtao Says:

    Gave up halfway … annoying losers, no humor.

  13. aprillalou Says:

    i have that same couch in my house lol. and i dont really understand the whole broken tv thing…but ya the falling in public thing was hilarious :)

  14. Angeladuda1 Says:

    Elmo was the best

  15. Zachary Cantu Says:

    Elmo got me man that was funny

  16. john atkinson Says:

    the first clip was granny reading hustler?

  17. Kayla Paklyn Says:

    Elmo is always there….

  18. Anne Smith Says:

    OMG elm needs a lemonade

  19. Jonathan Chavez Says:

    what a LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Orgazmo69F5 Says:

    Bobby worlds

  21. Orgazmo69F5 Says:

    Sounds more like bobby form boob

  22. Murat Keser Says:

    Fuck this prank he is stupid its not even funny fucking cunt go get a life

  23. dejlisHQ Says:

    they prank the people thats in the store

  24. Dimitris Filippas Says:

    No. 7 is the worst prank, a bitch to clean up.

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