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Waterbed Practical Joke

Posted on 24 October 2013 by Funny Picture Daily

default Waterbed Practical Joke Funny Picture

Hilarious scenes taken from a practical joke TV program.

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  1. rainydaze1212 Says:

    Watch this same prank video done in Brazil, and almost all the people get angry and/or try to attack one of the store employees. Those are some tightly wound mother fuckers.

  2. zamuthra Says:

    wouldve been nice if it was filmed with more than a potato

  3. MindGuruTV Says:

    This video is really funny…..I must have watched it so many times……MindGuru TV

  4. TheNiggerButcher1 Says:

    FAKE set up

  5. Mário Paulo Says:

    Very funny!

  6. Lukeeiiee Says:

    I’d be so pissed

  7. Nicolas bonder Says:

    1:39 the best one

  8. max playne Says:

    always more funnier with fatties !!!!


    ROTF !

  10. Chris Endoman Says:

    lol but wished it was english

  11. HFleecs Says:

    um? how does this have anything to do with this video? leave

  12. Sabby Fazari Says:

    great video!! please help out my favorite comedian and check out this video. put before the / to see the vid. /watch?v=w_vue84gRLI

  13. tom butler Says:

    Great video guy’s! Check out our Funny video of the day along with videos of the Wonder Twins Tim and Tom from AGT! Your video could be previewed on our TV Show! Info on the show along with a Promotional Video is on our Tom Butler Productions web site!

  14. Will Rothrock Says:


  15. possumheadgrind Says:

    what is WMG?

  16. Ross Ritchey Says:

    gey faget

  17. Nidiot91 Says:

    The only country in the world where no one carries personal belongings

  18. Master Berita Says:


  19. IOD hiphop Says:

    i cant really tell with this quality but the suprise seems genuine

  20. LozoFilms Says:

    check out my channel! first video is up

  21. NickyR123444 Says:

    3:00 Killer whales back in their natural habitat!

  22. x3D | MoD1Ma Says:


  23. NoC ommentHere Says:


  24. NoC ommentHere Says:


  25. bornfedslaughter Says:

    All european pranks are fake. Fuck this shit. 

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